The Basic Triangle of Healthy Life Style

Life style

Discuss here The Basic Triangle of Healthy Life Style. Life triangle concepts. In this article, we discuss how to avoid youth deaths. The first thing to understand is the basis of the concept of life. It is a good and proportionate combination of healthy nutrition, adequate exercise, and good sleep or rest. These three elements of life are the most important. It must be understood holistically to support your healthy and happy life. Good and healthy nutrition along with good quality sleep and adequate exercise will be the foundation of good health. It is like a triangle. We speak of a comprehensive understanding of maintaining good health as a whole. We have to live in harmony. It demands universal health care.
Rest and sleep well

Adequate rest and good sleep require that we relax the muscles and the mind. Meditation and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a choice of how you manage your mind. The easiest way to meditate is to sit in an armchair or sit on the floor as in a normal meditation position. Keep your spine straight and begin to feel consciously as you inhale and exhale through your nostrils.

Feel the air going into your lungs through your nostrils when you breathe in, and feel the air coming out of your nose when you breathe out. You don’t have to regulate your breathing. Don’t try to control your mind. Just breathe as usual and feel it. Let it act for five to ten minutes. Then you will feel naturally relaxed. This is the simplest way to meditate. If you are interested in learning more about meditation, you can read related books or join a meditation class. It is good for your health and your mind. With this relaxation method, you will overcome any stressful situation and circumstance. Remember that stress can kill you.

The Basic Triangle

NLP or NLP will teach you how to control your mind. It’s about controlling the internal representation, where you have to choose your internal dialogue. Don’t let your inner dialogue lead you to negative thoughts. Whatever your experience, it is up to you to translate it into your inner mind. There is no negative information when you understand how to turn it into a positive, happy thought. NLP we call it paraphrasing. This is how you translate all the information into a pleasant and happy effect on your brain. If you have a bad experience that is likely to make you angry, rephrase. Make a nice and fun paraphrase, so that the internal representation receives the information as something happy. You can smile instead of feeling the anger that can choke your blood.

A spiritual approach to your problem is also a gentle way. There is no real illness or problem when you have the right spiritual solutions. All regardless of their religion or even atheists. They must believe that there is an absolute and unlimited power that regulates this universe. Whatever you call it, the higher power, if you get closer to this power, you will feel stronger and free from any problems.

The ways that bring you closer to this higher power are:

1. You have to be honest from the bottom of your heart and have faith in faith.

2. You have to realize that this power is full of love and affection.

3. You must believe in this unlimited power. HE can do whatever he wants without any difficulty.

4. You have to be grateful and grateful for everything you have and enjoy in your life, which we cannot list one by one.

5. You must always remember, keep in mind that this higher power is with you every second. Support and help 365, 52, 7 days, 24 hours. Hope you understand these numbers.

6. You should feel very happy at any time. You know that Almighty God is always with you so that you always feel fun and happy. The Basic Triangle of Healthy Life Style

Healthy Lifestyle

If you believe in God, keep praying. Sincere and good prayer will give you a very powerful influence on the quality of your life, health, family, friends, and even all living things in the world. So be careful with your intention and prayer. Keep thinking positive because the way you think will affect your life and your environment. What you think over and over again refers to the same thing subconsciously to your mind (your subconscious). Please know that your subconscious mind is very powerful.

You cannot control your subconscious mind. However, you can harness the power of your subconscious mind by making frequent suggestions or affirmations. When positive thinking can make you happy, it will give the same affirmation to your subconscious mind. The information will translate into a good and happy experience. Your feelings will also be more positive and happy. These positive feelings will lead you to the correct and precise action or behavior to fulfill what you want and receive. You can achieve your goal easily. The Basic Triangle of Healthy Life Style

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