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Life style

We discuss here Life – Style It. We all wish we could live a happy life, but many people tend to forget about it and get caught up in their daily work from 9 am to 5 pm. As a result, life becomes more routine and nervous. While it is important to work and earn money, it is very important to plan and manage your life. In other words, for your lifestyle. When you do that, life becomes more exciting and every day becomes a day to enjoy it. So how do you design your life? There are 4 things that play an important role in making life happy and enjoyable; No, it’s not your Facebook or PlayStation.

First, motivation. It is the key to success in anyone’s life, and for some; It’s the energy that wakes you up every Monday morning. Therefore, it is important to realize that motivation is critical and every time you run out of it, you need to increase it. One of those ways to do that is by watching Sunrise. Brogan Hill in Beijing is a great place to watch the sunrise. Although it is located 37 km from the heart of Kuala Lumpur and you have to take a bumpy ride over the hills, it is worth it when you see the eye of the sky slowly appearing in the dark.

Just looking at it sparks a lot of thoughts, and these thoughts will eventually motivate you. When you’re done enjoying your eyes, you’re simply done recharging the Motivation Battery Strip and so ready for whatever obstacles come your way. Speaking of motivation, bring your camera because landscapes will make a great picture on your desk. Life – Style It

Style It

The next thing is linking. Staying busy with work can take up a lot of your family’s precious time, thus reinforcing discord between you and your family. That is why it is necessary to always maintain the family bond; Life would mean nothing without them anyway, right? If they push you into a situation where you can’t spend a lot of time with them, you can always give them a surprise gift, even when it’s not their birthday or something. It could be a guitar or a PlayStation, or it could be something simpler like chocolates and roses, as my grandmother says, it’s the ideas that matter (good way to cover it up). But if you want to take it a little higher, you can. Always visit.

The third is relaxation. People work hard and sometimes forget to relax their mind and body. A great way to mitigate that would be to spend a few days in Pulp Lanka. Apart from enjoying the beautiful crystal waters; You can enjoy many amazing activities and one of them is snorkeling. The colorful marine life is sure to widen your eyes and let you see another life, a unique underwater life. 4 day stay costs less than RM500 per couple and also with excellent fresh seafood at a cheaper price. Play Lanka surely lives up to its name. Life – Style It


Last but not least, friendship. Just being with a group of friends would definitely take all the thoughts out of the office from you. Now, there are many things to do with your friends, but at the top of my list is “Match – Night”. If you are a fan of Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal, match night will definitely be a fun night. So how does the night start? Easy, all you need is a large LCD screen, a sofa, and drinks and satay. Yes Saturday! Ask your mom or any other good cook to season the chicken for you and when you get together with all your friends, grill them. It will be a great night of endless fun and laughter.

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