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We discuss here Health Care Review. Health and disease. The concept of health is somewhat difficult to understand. When we say that a person is healthy, it means for a normal person that the person is carrying out his activities normally and does not show any signs of illness from the outside. However, for a doctor, it indicates compliance with certain criteria such as physical measurements, biochemical norms and rates, physiological norms, etc. Even these parameters vary with breed, rest, exercise, diet, habits, starvation, climate, altitude, latitude, etc. etc. It has been very difficult for scientists interested in human biology to establish specific criteria for health and to define the term health in a particular way.

From the history of medicine, we know that there were different systems of medicine or healing arts that developed in different parts of the world during different civilizations. But there is no clear definition of health in any system.

In the Oxford Dictionary, health means the state of not having ailments, injuries, illnesses or bodily conditions; Something indicative of good body condition. A few decades ago, this meaning was conveyed in the definition of health, but recently the World Health Organization considered it necessary to define a path towards achieving a strong, happy and active physical and mental state capable of continuous productive capacity, and therefore, defined health as:

Health Care

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and is not merely the absence of disease or disease.” (WHO – 1948) It will be seen that even after obtaining this definition, it will be difficult to conceptualize and standardize positive health with well-defined and defined traits and measurement criteria. A person may enjoy his composure and enthusiasm to do anything. You may also be physically able to do any amount of work, but you may have a slight dysfunction, deficiency, or even a mild infection that causes a very slight disturbance that does not, however, alter your normal activities.

For example, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation of the skin; angular somatizes due to B complex deficiency; Ringworm patch on the skin, etc. In these conditions, strictly speaking, a person cannot be call “healthy”, but for an external purpose, he will appear healthy and also be fully active. Similarly, under the mental component, there are a lot of stresses and strains to which the individual is exposing and, depending on his mental makeup, he is able to overcome stress or suffer from anxiety and depression. If, despite your anxiety, you are able to function normally, you maybe consider healthy by others, whereas anxiety can usually make you mentally ill.

Social well-being is closely related to the mental adjustment of an individual with others. Around him in the family or in society. Sometimes it may happen that a person adapts to his group and thus finds himself under mental stress. But you may be doing your job normally, so others may judge you to be healthy. Only if you reach your breaking point and act withdrawn. Or aggressive, will your mental state manifest itself for others to see and experience. Health Care Review

Care Review

Therefore, we have to understand that the term health is not something abstract but a relative concept. We see in him a continuum of freedom from disease to better health and positive health. When we say positive health, we refer to a condition. In which the organism has sufficient nutritional reserve and resistance factors to avoid invasion. Of the organism by any microorganism or by deprivation. Of any nutritional factor causing disease deficiency, and thus completely free of disease.

Defining disease is less difficult than defining health. It refers to the state of the human body in which something went wrong. And disrupted the normal functions of the body, including the mind. As in health, there is also a continuum from preparing for. Or warning of a disease that the individual concerned may or may not experience or even notice. To a specific disease state manifested by signs or symptoms and impairment of bodily functions.

This continuum can extend from mild illness to severe illness and death. Or recovery from illness to weak and then to normal. As noted in the previous paragraphs, the normal health of an individual can change. Towards positive health, depending on the improvement of health through healthy food. Healthy water, adequate living conditions, adequate work environment and good hygiene. Health Care Review

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