Health and Your Inner Teacher

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We discuss here Health and Your Inner Teacher. As you wander the corridors of your memory, who do you remember, who was your most influential teacher? Great teachers generate more math, literature, or science in your life. It also ignites something else, something deeper and more lasting that stays with you. As an individual living your life, you have another milestone that you may not have touched in your memory. This teacher is you! When you try to be healthy and better support your body and mind, your inner mentor is the key to achieving what you want.

Health implies learning. Learn about your body and the lifestyle habits that promote balanced health versus the habits that hinder it. But you also learn something else. Learn about yourself as a person, how you face challenges and obstacles that block your path to health. The journey to health involves more than just diet, exercise, and sleep regimens. The journey is unique to who you are and where you are in life as well.

Letting your inner mentor know your health isn’t always easy. Everyone wants to believe that they are healthy, and sometimes it can be difficult to cope with the fact that their health needs more support. This means acknowledging that you are not perfect and that you still have more to learn. You need to know that supplements, medications, or doctor visits alone cannot keep you healthy. You, as a person, are an essential part of your health, and acknowledging this requires honesty and courage.


When you turn to your inner mentor in an open and honest way. You can explore your physical, mental, and emotional health through a unique lens. You may wonder if there are personal and social expectations that weigh you down and harm your health. You can explore whether a part of your past unfairly affects your health and who you are today. You can explore your relationships with yourself and with others to see if they support or harm your health. You can also see how you handle stress and emotions and whether your current approach. Might need some modification for better health.

Good teachers challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and patiently support you through the discomfort that can result. Improving health can feel strange and uncomfortable at times. The body and mind are used to doing what they always do, that is, balancing or balancing. They will maintain a healthy state, but they will also maintain unbalanced states of health. To be in good health, your inner mentor must push you beyond uncomfortable and unhealthy habits. On the other hand, your inner mentor should also patiently help you through these potentially uncomfortable transitions and regularly remind you, “I can do it!”

What steps have you taken recently to lead your inner mentor on the path to better health? If you feel like it’s been a long time since you’ve listened to your inner teacher, that’s fine. He or she is always there and can turn to that side of himself or herself when feeling neglected or failing in health. Remember to give your inner teacher the same respect that you would give any other great teacher in your life. Health and Your Inner Teacher

Your Inner Teacher

As fall approaches, a period of time filled with transition in the surrounding air, encourage your inner teacher by asking yourself the following questions:

1) What are my current health strengths?

2) What are some of my health weaknesses that require more attention and learning?

3) Without focusing so much on the past or the future, what steps can I take today to improve my health?

4) What are my health obstacles right now?

5) How can I create a space in my life for my inner guru to express himself and help me with my health?

When you ask yourself these questions, you will find that your body and mind naturally know which direction to take, if you listen to them. By paying attention to your inner mentor, you will learn new things about her health and how to better support her. And you will enter your hall of fame for the great masters. Health and Your Inner Teacher

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