Food, Drinks and Swimming Pools

Food Drinks

We describe here Food, Drinks and Swimming Pools. Every once in a while, you and your family (even your friends) make an appointment to spend an afternoon at the pool. And what is not complete without some food and drink? Let’s take a look at things step by step, shall we?

a. Make sure the pool is clean and decontaminated by using proper pool chemicals. Verify that all cleaning equipment and chemicals are properly stored and closed to avoid unwanted accidents.

NS. Place tables and chairs at a safe distance from the pool. Service tables should be located in the most convenient and accessible place. NS. Place litter boxes two to three places between tables so no one has to search far. Dr. Use plastic utensils, plates and cups. This eliminates the risk of accidentally breaking something. The last thing you want is a piece of broken glass or ceramic thrown away when everyone else walks around barefoot. It is also impossible to see glass in the pool, so the pool needs to be dried and cleaned to keep it safe. Food, Drinks and Swimming Pools

Food, Drinks

NS. Although alcoholic beverages are very common at parties, we suggest that you do not serve them if you plan to let people swim. Just as drinking and driving don’t mix, swimming and drinking are also a deadly combination. Pick up your punch a bit if you need to, but make sure it’s not strong enough to excite anyone. It goes without saying that if someone manages to get drunk, don’t leave them in the pool until they’re completely sober.

F. Make sure food served is well cooked. If possible, prepare at least an hour before serving. Cold foods should be kept cold (place on a tray with ice and serve only as much as you can eat in 30 minutes to an hour). Better yet, try not to serve foods that spoil easily. You don’t want anyone to end up with a bad stomach. Having a pool party with food and drink can be a lot of fun, especially if there are family and friends to share it with. Food, Drinks and Swimming Pools

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