Drinking Water And Weight Loss

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Discusses here Drinking Water And Weight Loss. Many people are deeply skeptical of the suggestion that water can play a very effective role in helping them achieve weight loss. The recommended minimum daily intake of water is 2 liters, because this is the amount of water the body uses during the day through sweating, urination, and other bodily functions. Without replenishing the lost water, the body becomes dehydrated, and all functions begin to suffer, so dieters recommend abstaining from food, but never from water.

Of course, drinking water alone will not help you lose weight. If you want to lose weight gradually but safely, eating well and drinking well are the two main components of a natural weight loss method.

Eat the right food

1. Eat “good fats” that provide essential fatty acids like salmon, mackerel, herring, and sardines. They help regulate blood pressure, prevent blood clots, and reduce the risk of heart failure.

2. Eat good protein to help suppress food cravings. They are essential for building muscle. Low-fat dairy products like skim milk, yogurt, cheese, and fish are “good” proteins.

3. Carbohydrates such as beans, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are slowly consumed by the body and are therefore natural hunger suppressants. It is also moderate in fat and calories.

4. Eat an adequate fiber diet. Foods rich in fiber are low in calories and filling. Hence, it helps to suppress hunger. Apples, figs, broccoli, strawberries, brown rice, beans, bran, and nuts are high-fiber foods. Drinking Water And Weight Loss

Drink water and lose weight

You have food cravings when your body is dehydrated; By consuming water in reasonable and sufficient quantities, hunger is eliminated. The liver provides stored fat for energy; Water helps in the metabolism process, allowing the kidneys to expel waste. Many people will be surprised that drinking cold water can burn excess body fat; If you drink ice water, you use more than 60 calories a day from the body, so the body must burn more than 420 calories a week for the ice water to reach body temperature. What a way to beat that extra fat!

Your metabolism depends on water to function properly. Without enough water, the process of breaking down food and converting it to energy slows down significantly. If you are dieting and seem to have stabilized, you are probably not drinking enough water. When metabolism slows down, weight loss slows dramatically, especially as exercise becomes less effective as the body’s energy levels drop.

Water also plays an important role in digestion and waste removal. Poor digestion means that you won’t get enough energy from the food you eat. This will make the body demand more food, and thus the weight loss process stops and the weight gain process begins. A dehydrated body causes phantom hunger pains, thus tempting you to forget about your diet and eat more than you should.

Water is a good filler. If you want to eat less, drink a glass of water half an hour before each meal. The water will fill a large part of your stomach and the body will be satisfied with the feeling that the stomach is not empty. Drinking Water And Weight Loss

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