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We discuss here Diet Drinks & Weight Loss. Of course not! Here are some helpful tips to listen to. 1. Drink more diet drinks, gain weight. Studies have been done showing that people who drink diet drinks gain more weight. In fact, this study showed that drinking diet drinks is worse than drinking regular drinks.

Just because something says “diet” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good choice. Many diet drinks contain aspartame, which is used to sweeten drinks instead of sugar. Well, aspartame may not lead to weight gain, but it has been shown to be worse for the body than sugar.

My recommendation?

Stay away from diet drinks completely. It can be very misleading. Diet Drinks & Weight Loss

2. Don’t drink your calories

Now that I said you should stay away from diet drinks, does that mean you should go crazy with sodas?

Impossible. In fact, you should do your best not to drink calories when trying to lose weight. In other words, drink water and get the total calories you take in with food. Drinks pass through you. They rarely give you that feeling of fullness in your stomach. Even if you had a high-calorie drink, you would still eat the same amount of food (consuming tons of extra calories). I think you probably aren’t drinking enough water anyway, so get into the habit of drinking a closed water bottle at all times. Water should be your main drink. It will be your best friend as you try to lose weight.

In the meantime, you can get your calories through foods that fill you up. Remember that a faster metabolism is vital to success. So easy. It will greatly increase the success of your weight loss efforts. Without increasing your metabolism, you lose a lot of results.

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