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We discuss Better Health Today. The Old English word for “health” was quite simply hygienist, which means “perfection” or to be whole, healthy or well. A more recent definition set by the World Health Organization says that… “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or disease.”

More recently, the definition given by the World Organization states that healthy is not “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being: nor is it “merely the absence of disease or disease”.

To fully understand health and definitions of our current age. But, one must enter an era that includes a new understanding of disease at the molecular, individual, and societal levels. So, Most people today understand that health can be divided into two main aspects: physical health and mental health.

Physical healthy

Physical healthyy or physical well-being simply means good and healthy physical healthy due to regular physical activity (exercise), good nutrition and adequate rest. Its well-being is something anyone can achieve by developing healthy-related components of a lifestyle. This kind of fitness

Other components of physical wellness can include proper nutrition, controlling body weight, abstaining from drug use, avoiding alcohol use, responsible sexual behavior, and getting enough sleep. Better Health Today

Psychological health

Mental healthy includes a person’s cognitive and emotional well-being. But,  A person who is not in good mental healthy usually suffers from some type of mental disorder. Therefore, The individual is aware of his own capabilities;
Can handle the stress of normal life;
can work productively and fruitfully; And
He is able to contribute to his community.”

So, Unfortunately, the mental health measurement was a very subjective assessment. Often times it was easier to tell what mental illness was, then it was about mental healthy.

Most of us would agree that mental healthy again refers to the “absence of mental illness.” Unfortunately, this measurement varies greatly from individual to individual.

In fact, mental healthy includes:

The ability to enjoy life.
Ability to bounce back from adversity;
The ability to achieve balance or moderation.
Ability to be flexible and adaptive;
the ability to feel safe and secure; And.

Naturally, each individual must personally learn the traits of good healthy. So, You can go on with your life and teach them the hard way, or you can ask for advice or information to help you develop a course of action. But, developing a course of action appears to be the best approach. Better Healthy Today

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