Back Pain And The Mirror Test

Back Pain

Discuss here Back Pain And The Mirror Test. Back pain and mirror, seems an unlikely combination. Using the mirror, you can determine what type of back pain you are experiencing and therefore the best and fastest way to eliminate it. There are two types of back pain: joint pain and muscle pain.

Stretching exercises are great for muscle pain, or at least to temporarily relieve tension. To correct muscle pain, you need to treat both tight and weak muscles.

Type 2 back pain is often more difficult to treat. After all, to move your joints, you need to see a doctor to relieve your tension. Or is it you. At the end of this article, there is some completely new information on joint pain. Back Pain And The Mirror Test

In the mirror test …

What you have to do is stand in front of the mirror. It is better not to wear clothes or only wear underwear so that you can see the deformation better. Look how are you …

Do you see a twist in your body?

You will notice it by your navel that is not pointing directly at you in the mirror. You may also notice that the space between your arm and your body is larger on one side than the other. The simplest test is this …

Turn your body partially to the left and then to the right. Does your body really look better tilted to one side? Remember, you only need to move a few centimeters or even millimeters. If any of these are present or if you turn your body and go straight … then you have muscle pain. Or at least soon. Back Pain And The Mirror Test

To see if you have joint pain in your back, you will already have muscle pain, and you may notice that your pelvis rotates to the left or right. Not too much, but enough that your upper body is shifted to the left or right compared to your lower body. Another simple test for joint pain is to lie on the floor and gently lift each leg as high as you can until you feel pain in your back. If you can lift one leg higher than the other, you have joint-related back pain.

Either way, whether you suffer from joint or muscle pain, most of you probably have both. There are simple and easy ways to de-stress and ways to make sure your back pain goes away and never comes back. 80% of adults have had back pain at some point, and more than 50% of those reading this have back pain now. However, more than 90% of you will do nothing about back pain until it becomes severe or debilitating. Learning how to get rid of back pain now is the key to complete and permanent back pain relief.

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