Back Pain And Its Myths

Back Pain

We discuss here Back Pain And Its Myths. The truth is that 80% of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. The level of pain experienced by one person often ranges from small pricks that last only a few days, to severe, disabling chronic pain that lasts for months.

Separating myths from facts

The first common mistake most people make is treating back pain from the same source and level of pain. This is far from the truth.

There are only two types of back pain.

Acute: The most common back pain. It usually does not last long (a few days or a few weeks at most). The level of pain is mild, but it may get worse if not treated properly. Chronic: lasts for a few months or longer. It will sometimes flare up with a very high level of pain.

Some reasons

Some are self-made and some are the result of a medical condition. Excessively stretching when the muscles are cold or lifting something the wrong way can easily “push” it back. Medical conditions such as kidney infections or arthritis can also contribute to back pain.

People often associate damage to the back with the level of pain they experience. This is again one of those legends. If you have severe pain in your lower back, it is usually due to back strain or simply muscle spasms. These two reasons are enough to inflict pain so severe that it is difficult for you to walk or even stand upright. To put things into real perspective, a very serious injury, such as a degenerated disc, can go unnoticed. Back Pain And Its Myths

Your doctor will definitely find the cause.

While it is certainly a good decision to see your doctor if you suffer from any type of back pain, the source of the problem often remains hidden. The truth is that 90% of people who suffer from back pain may never find the true cause of their back pain. This does not mean that the pain is something that is only in the head, but the back is very complex and there are many things that affect it, and it is often very difficult to find a real cause. Back Pain And Its Myths

Stay in bed and the pain will go away.

If I had a dollar every time I heard this, I’d be a rich man. While staying in bed won’t make your back worse, extending your stay for more than two days will likely delay your recovery. It’s best to get your back to work very quickly after experiencing back problems. This is by no means a green light to start lifting weights or going to the gym, but rather a very slow buildup for normal activities. This way, you will get in shape much faster than your back.

I can’t do sports if I hurt my back

Research shows that not only will doing simple exercises make you feel pain faster, but the exercise also has the ability to strengthen your back muscles, reducing the likelihood of recurring injury. But again, take it easy and, better yet, consult a physical therapist who will be able to recommend specific exercises for strengthening the back.

Relax and your back pain will go away

Although there is some truth in the above statement, if you have been suffering from back pain that has been going on for days, you should contact your doctor to see if more specialized treatment is needed. Serious symptoms to watch out for. Your legs become weaker and weaker. Bladder or bowel weakness. Chills with fever and back pain.

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