6 Foods And Drinks To Avoid After Teeth Whitening

Food Drinks

We discuss here 6 Foods And Drinks To Avoid After Teeth Whitening. If you just had your teeth whitening, you definitely don’t want to spoil those pearly whites by going back to the same foods that gave you stained teeth in the first place. You’ll want to avoid these superfoods so that you can keep that white smile for as long as possible. This is a list of the top 6 foods / drinks to avoid, like plaque, for up to three days after you have your teeth cleaned and whitened by a professional.

Any dark liquid, probably a no-brainer, but any dark beverage like coffee, tea, cola, or red wine should be avoided immediately after teeth whitening. Up to three days after that, your teeth still need to harden again, and they can absorb whatever you put on them. Avoid juices that come from cherries, grapes, tomatoes, peaches, cranberries, cranberries, blackberries, and even soy sauce. The best thing you can do for your teeth after whitening is to use a pipette to drink each and every drink. In this way, the liquid will mainly avoid the front teeth.

Extremely hot / cold liquids

Your teeth can change temperature very quickly. As it expands and contracts, the chance of capturing more points than what is placed on it increases.

Staining Food – With a little power of thought, it can be very easy to determine what kinds of food will stain your teeth. Muffins with any of the berries mentioned above should be avoided. Sauces and pickles containing balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, beetroot, Spanish or Indian food.

Dark Foods – This means that you should avoid dark soups and stews. Dark chocolate or even milk chocolate can stain your teeth, so while it may be hard to resist, do your best.

Acidic foods: everything acidic should be avoided. These types of foods will eat up the enamel on your teeth and change color in the process. 6 Foods And Drinks To Avoid After Teeth Whitening

Bacteria Causing Foods:

These are sweets like chocolate, candy, and anything sticky. But, These bacteria can easily be attracted to your teeth and cause real damage to them.

Since it is not a food, it is not on the menu. But smoking is also one of the things to avoid. If you find that you cannot resist eating the foods mentioned here. Be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating to reduce the amount of stains left on your teeth. This does not mean eating and rinsing all day, but repeating the commitment to avoid these foods after a slip. 6 Foods And Drinks To Avoid After Teeth Whitening

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